Of this I am certain…

1. Love is not a choice, it’s a reflex. Involuntary and wonderful.

2. There is no feeling quite like the one you get from watching new life enter the world. 

3. Though, I can’t see myself as a mother, I would give up everything to protect the children in my life.

4. I rarely cry due to events and emotions in my own life, but if something happened to Harry Potter I would be depressed for days.

5. I get more attached to animals than I do most humans.

6. It could always get worse.

7. Art is my escape. Whether in the form of books, music, plays, paintings; it’s what makes life.

8. People are the best and worst of God’s creations. 

9. Women are too emotional; Men are just as emotional as women.

10. One day all of the hard work will pay off.

About Megy

Just another girl with too many thoughts... Some might describe me as "random" but if you were inside of my head with all of the thoughts flying around at hyper speed, you'd understand how everything ties together perfectly. Ex: Thinking about water leads to... Water --> Swimming --> Bathing suit --> shopping --> money --> working --> exhaustion --> Sleeping. Therefore, Water makes me sleepy. See how that works? I sometimes instantly forget things people tell me. Often times when I take a call at work, I have to ask the caller's name 3 times before I decide that I'd better write it down. It's not that I have short term memory problems, it's just that I refuse to memorize unimportant shi--- things. Oh, I'm trying clean up my language. Being Facebook friends with my Mom and all of the rest of my family members that like to picture me as a 10 year old girl (sounds creepy doesn't it?), has greatly helped me in that endeavor. Every once in a while, I slip. The backspace button is an all too convenient tool that I am on occasion, too lazy to press. I would rather type a long-winded explanation acknowledging my mistake than back track. There is no backspace in life and our mistakes often make for a much more interesting story. So, I just let them show. I have a billion and one nicknames, I counted. Pooh (usage rights exclusive to family members), Megy, Snowflake, Smart-ass; none of which actually bother me. But if you call me "Babe", I will cut you. Now, I'll just go before I bore you to death with details you didn't ask for. View all posts by Megy

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