Toeing the Line

Somewhere along the ever-growing list of qualities that women seek in relationships; around  ‘chiseled abs” and ‘the face of Adonis’, is “Passion”.
We don’t just want to be wanted, we want to be desired. We don’t want a peck on the cheek, we want to be kissed to the point of delirium.
I blame romance novels. I blame the Duke that searches the land for the lowly midwife, takes her from her modest lifestyle and dote on her until the two fall “madly in love” and live happily ever after. Yeah, I just read that book.

We crave passion, and desire, and “madness in love”.
EVERY woman and I don’t care how independent you are or how detached you claim to be; I’m even including myself in this generalization, EVERY woman wants to feel desired.
EVERY woman wants a man (or perhaps another woman) to love her so earnestly that he (or she) would sacrifice himself (or herself) for her.
EVERY woman wants that heat and wanton need —- okay, I’ll stop.

Genuine passion is hard to find. Not because it doesn’t exist but because it is often used as a veil to mask the true nature of the individual.
There is a thin line between passion and psychosis. How can we distinguish the two? Please, if you have the answer, share it. (I suggest facebook, google, myspace, hi5, county records, etc)

I am sure that Brian White, 19, probably at some point considered himself to be passionate. Probably during the time he was actually dating the girl whose mother and new boyfriend he murdered out of jealousy and anger. This is not a joke people.  Tragedies like this one occur too frequently. They’re considered “Crimes of Passion”!?

A very thin line, indeed.

On the edge of sleep just last night, I considered a past relationship that I can only describe as ‘beige’.
We were comfortable enough with each other that we could sit in total silence and be perfectly content. No confessions of love eternal or promises to put the other’s life before our own. How boring?

But then I thought of the possible alternative. I could have a comfortably boring boyfriend like Dave* or I could have the passionate, possessive, and ultimately insane Adonis (and his chiseled abs).

Beige is a nice color; calm and complementary to almost everything.

*Names have been changed

About Megy

Just another girl with too many thoughts... Some might describe me as "random" but if you were inside of my head with all of the thoughts flying around at hyper speed, you'd understand how everything ties together perfectly. Ex: Thinking about water leads to... Water --> Swimming --> Bathing suit --> shopping --> money --> working --> exhaustion --> Sleeping. Therefore, Water makes me sleepy. See how that works? I sometimes instantly forget things people tell me. Often times when I take a call at work, I have to ask the caller's name 3 times before I decide that I'd better write it down. It's not that I have short term memory problems, it's just that I refuse to memorize unimportant shi--- things. Oh, I'm trying clean up my language. Being Facebook friends with my Mom and all of the rest of my family members that like to picture me as a 10 year old girl (sounds creepy doesn't it?), has greatly helped me in that endeavor. Every once in a while, I slip. The backspace button is an all too convenient tool that I am on occasion, too lazy to press. I would rather type a long-winded explanation acknowledging my mistake than back track. There is no backspace in life and our mistakes often make for a much more interesting story. So, I just let them show. I have a billion and one nicknames, I counted. Pooh (usage rights exclusive to family members), Megy, Snowflake, Smart-ass; none of which actually bother me. But if you call me "Babe", I will cut you. Now, I'll just go before I bore you to death with details you didn't ask for. View all posts by Megy

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