Of this I am certain…

1. Love is not a choice, it’s a reflex. Involuntary and wonderful.

2. There is no feeling quite like the one you get from watching new life enter the world. 

3. Though, I can’t see myself as a mother, I would give up everything to protect the children in my life.

4. I rarely cry due to events and emotions in my own life, but if something happened to Harry Potter I would be depressed for days.

5. I get more attached to animals than I do most humans.

6. It could always get worse.

7. Art is my escape. Whether in the form of books, music, plays, paintings; it’s what makes life.

8. People are the best and worst of God’s creations. 

9. Women are too emotional; Men are just as emotional as women.

10. One day all of the hard work will pay off.